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Rates are dependent on a number of factors such as budget, production, location, content, and length of a project.  But why does everything seem so expensive? The simple answer is most photo and video professionals don’t work normal 40-hour work weeks and incoming assignments can vary greatly in consistency.  There is also a lot of time spent behind the scenes that the client will most likely never see such as pre-production, editing, and post-production.  Additionally, we invest in professional gear such as cameras, lenses, lighting, and audio to make your project look and sound the best that it can.  


Real Estate / Commercial

Our Real Estate photography pricing varies but for starters photography for a home, condo, or apartment, pricing starts at 200 for 20 photos and 250 for 30 photos.  For photography of a commercial location such as a business, facility, or event space pricing starts at 300 for 15 photos.  Twilight photos are also available to showcase the outside of the property at dusk.  Pricing for this starts at 100 for 3 photos. 

Turn around time is a quick 24 hours and professional HDR editing is included with all of our packages. 

Please note that all pricing is based off an an average 1500sqft property.  Prices may vary depending on larger scale properties.


Concerts - Photos of your awesome 75-minute set is a flat 300 and includes editing.  Turn around time is less than 48 hours so you can have time to share them while they're hot! 

Events - That event you took so long to plan and get just right needs to be remembered!  Pricing starts at 150/hr with a 2hr minimum and a flat editing fee of 100.  Each additional event hour is 100/hr.

(*Note* If it seems like we may need a second shooter to cover the entirety of your event an additional 70 per hour will be added)


Our portrait, artist, and band shots start at 200/hr with a flat 100 for editing.  Each additional hour is 50/hr.


See something you like?  We now offer full color, high-res prints in almost any size.  Our standard sizes are 5 x 8 for $30 and 8 x 10 for $40.  If you'd like a custom size, feel free to let us know what you're thinking!


Here's where pricing gets tricky because needs vary greatly in this field from client to client. Send us a message of what you have in mind and we will get back to you immediately.

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